Help young and old find their place on the planet !

We want to teach sustainable skills for a sustainable community ! We are the solution!

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Our Planet, Our Responibility, We are the solution!

Last summer a group of young people learned that hard work produces fantastic results!

Join with us as we plan for summer 2017 with a new crew of young people learning about our environment, sustainability ,leadership and job skills.

Our students dug and planted sustainable foods, cleaned beds for community members, and cooked meals for families to begin to taste plant based menus. Young men learned that MacDonald's is not the only food choice. They learned what pesto is and how flavorful it is.Young people were introduced to the need to plan gardens and how elements fit for a good and flavorful outcome.

This summer students will sharpen their skills to educate other youth and community members.They will find new ways to outreach and communicate and earn a stipend!

Students commented:

"Josmar talks about "all the wonderful food that we made" and " I learned knife safety"

"Another student commented" all the healthy desserts we've created like bread pudding with mango ice cream"

Markell says " cooking takes time but it never feels slow" and " if you aren't sure, make sure ,every step is crucial"

Parents commented:

" Thanks for giving Sam this job. he takes it very seriously and I'm impressed with his stories about bees and honey and wheelbarrows.

We want young and old to have an opportunity to build their skills educationally, culturally and economically